Are You Disguising Self-Sabotage as "Self Care"?

I see this ALL.THE.TIME!⁣

love, peace, and joy.png

I used to be the biggest culprit with food, and at one point, my go-to form of self sabotage was & is praised by society—exercise!

Rather than truly show up for myself & my needs, I numbed, coped, and escaped via food, exercise, or restriction.⁣

Today it’s commonplace to view the “treat yoself” mentality as an excuse to abuse yourself.⁣


True self-care isn’t avoiding your…⁣



🌙lack of fulfillment⁣


…and using booze, brownies, excessive exercise, restriction, or pizza to fill the void.⁣

True self care of showing up for yourself on a DEEP level & allowing yourself the experience of being a human with the full spectrum of human emotions.🥴⁣

You may not have the tools to manage a lot of these things, and that’s perfectly OK!⁣

I didn’t either at one point.⁣

Self-compassion while you begin to FEEL things (as—you know—a human being😉) is a great place to start✨⁣