Are you frustrated on your journey with food & your body?

If someone has told you this whole “food & body” thing is a one-time deal with a straight & linear process…


They’re full of shit.⁣

Just like the concept of “self-love” is a practice, not a destination…⁣

…staying connected to & honoring your body & your inner world is a process. ⁣

And it’s one that lasts forever, as far as my 30 years on this planet can tell😉⁣

They say the only thing that’s constant in life is change, and HOLY HELL is that the truth! Things that have changed for me in the last year alone are my…⁣

🌙 Job⁣

🌙 Home⁣

🌙 Health—therefore my physical abilities⁣

🌙 Values & priorities⁣

🌙 Preferences⁣

🌙 Goals⁣

⁣…so I’ve had to adapt. Stay connected to my body, mind, soul. ⁣

⁣Learn, relearn & learn some more.⁣

⁣Does this come with frustration at times? Hell yeah! Sometimes I’d love a blueprint on ME—lolz.⁣🤣

But the beauty is in the process, and I’ll never sacrifice for my connection to myself & my body for anything.⁣

My hope is that you don’t either. 

If you find yourself confused, frustrated, thrown-for-a-loop with this whole “food & body” deal, know that you’re right where you should be.⁣

It’s not always easy, but its 100% worth it💫✨


⁣The solution isn’t looking at what your insta BFF is doing with her diet, exercise & life.⁣


And it’s not “eat XYZ, follow these macros, burn this many cals per day”.⁣

Those are all external, and you don’t want to rely on others telling you what & how to eat, right? RIGHT!🙌Follow these steps to accomplish this…⁣

  1. NOTICE those thought patterns that made you filled with self-doubt & mistrust of your body/self. (i.e. cultivate self-awareness).⁣

  2. DETACH from those thoughts & emotions. Become the conscious observer. If you can witness them, you’re not them, right?⁣

  3. UNCOVER where these thoughts & emotions came from. These often stem from limiting beliefs & we want to go there!⁣

  4. ⁣REWRITE those beliefs for yourself. Just as you decided to identify with those limiting beliefs, you can choose to identify with new ones.⁣

What does this look like in practice?⁣

Let’s say you struggle with trusting yourself around certain foods, and this leads to bingeing, all-or-nothing, or black & white interactions with said foods.⁣

✨NOTICE: “This is a ‘bad’ food, I screwed up, I knew I couldn’t just have one, now my whole day is ruined, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.” Sound familiar?⁣

⚡️ DETACH: “Huh, I tend to see those thoughts a lot! That’s some old programming coming up, but that’s not who I am. They’re just thoughts & emotions.”⁣

🌙 UNCOVER: “Where did those come from? A diet guru? My mom? Watching others as a child? Some rando telling me my eating habits are problematic? Did they start during a tough time in my life?” Keep asking & digging until you get to the ROOT.⁣

💫 REWRITE: “I’m choosing a new narrative for myself, like ‘My body is my BFF, all foods I enjoy have a place in my life, I’m the only one who decides how I eat, my mom gave me her own food baggage & I’m giving it back.”⁣

If you want to feel empowered & autonomous with food & your body, then stop looking outside of yourself for the answers!⁣

I’ll teach you how to do this so you don’t ever have to google your fave inspo’s diet program ever again🔥⁣

Are You Disguising Self-Sabotage as "Self Care"?

I see this ALL.THE.TIME!⁣

love, peace, and joy.png

I used to be the biggest culprit with food, and at one point, my go-to form of self sabotage was & is praised by society—exercise!

Rather than truly show up for myself & my needs, I numbed, coped, and escaped via food, exercise, or restriction.⁣

Today it’s commonplace to view the “treat yoself” mentality as an excuse to abuse yourself.⁣


True self-care isn’t avoiding your…⁣



🌙lack of fulfillment⁣


…and using booze, brownies, excessive exercise, restriction, or pizza to fill the void.⁣

True self care of showing up for yourself on a DEEP level & allowing yourself the experience of being a human with the full spectrum of human emotions.🥴⁣

You may not have the tools to manage a lot of these things, and that’s perfectly OK!⁣

I didn’t either at one point.⁣

Self-compassion while you begin to FEEL things (as—you know—a human being😉) is a great place to start✨⁣

Can You Care About Your Aesthetics AND Have A Healthy Relationship With Food?

Ahhh, this question! It has led to quite the heated debates on the interwebs, and after much (years) of internal critical thinking, research, and unpacking of my own biases and past experiences, I believe the answer is YES!

This is 💯 perfectly acceptable AND possible!

It’s OK to want to look a certain way—we’re hardwired to care about this, and we’re expressing ourselves via our appearances ALL THE TIME!

However, before blindly following what everyone else is doing and tells you to do, consider…

✔️Digging into WHY you want to make these changes. Personal preference? Solely external influence? Shame or embarrassment? Performance?

✔️Do you accept yourself & your body fully NOW? If not, then making changes solely driven by appearance may not be the best move.

✔️Is your goal actually in alignment with your lifestyle, food & exercise preferences, and genetics? If not, then it’s likely not worth it.

✔️Do you have a solid, positive relationship with food & exercise, where they’re empowering and enjoyable? If not, nail that down first.

✔️Are you treating yourself with respect and compassion TODAY? If not, focus on that first.

✔️Whose opinions do you *actually* care about? The list should be REALLY fucking small, with yours at the top. And those people should care about how you treat yourself, not your appearance.

✔️ Are you fulfilled in other areas of your life, like relationships? If not, start there to ensure you're not using your body as a scapegoat.

A HUGE portion of what you’re targeting aesthetically will come naturally by treating yourself like you give a shit about yourself. 

From there, ask yourself if the rest is actually worth it to you!

This stuff is highly nuanced, so I highly recommend avoiding anyone who gives you a blanket, black & white response to this topic.

I always support my FFE ladies in whatever THEY want for themselves & their bodies, and I suggest you find a coach who does the same👏🏻

Are You Sure It's A Binge? Maybe You Just Overate Like Humans Do!

We love to label things and put them  in black and white categories, don’t we?!


This happens ALL THE TIME when it comes to describing a “binge”.

I’ve had several clients tell me they binged, only to realize after digging deeper that they simply ate a bigger portion size than they usually do!🙃

We all eat more than usual on occasion. This is NORMAL!

Not to mention, your “binge” could easily be someone’s “normal”. It’s all relative.

The goal of eating moderately isn’t to live with zen-like, puritanical eating standards without any deviations of your typical eats.

It’s OK to continue eating beyond the point of satisfaction at times!

I care far more about WHY you’re doing it.

  • Tired AF, sick, or hungover and trying to make yourself feel better? Completely understandable (and hormonally driven).

  • PMS’ing like a mofo? Makes sense!

  • The food is just soooo damn good? Yeah, we’re designed to like it!

Eating emotionally is also acceptable—there are FAR worse coping mechanisms you can employ!

The key is to be making the decision CONSCIOUSLY.

This tends to happen less & less frequently the more you master the moderate/intuitive eating game, but it’s still a part of life.

Don’t let your perfectionist tendencies make this out to be something bigger than it is!

  1. Acknowledge it

  2. Ask yourself how it did and didn’t serve you

  3. Consider what you can do differently next time (if anything)

  4. MOVE 👏🏻 ON 👏🏻

You didn’t binge.

You’re just a human!

Have you done this before?👇

One Tool That Will Make This Whole Eating Thing MUCH Easier

You want *some* structure, but not too much.

*Some* discipline, but only so much as to create FREEDOM, not restriction.✨


What is this, you say?!

It’s a method of doing a high-level assessment of your eats throughout the day and week. Emphasis on the word(s) HIGH-LEVEL.

To start…

  1. Make a list of the foods, habits & behaviors that make you feel your best physically & mentally.

Examples include: 

Eating veggies at 2-3 meals per day, eating more or less protein than carbs, eating more or less fruit, consuming fewer than 5-7 boozy drinks per week or 2-3 at a time.

Notice these are general, high-level, and NOT super specific. 

However, they are focused on things that *actually* matter—not bullshit minutae like…

…the number of hours you’ve fasted, the number of “superfoods” you’ve consumed, or whether the tablespoon of cream in your coffee is “too much”. Spoiler alert: it’s not😜

2. At the end of the day and/or throughout the week, pause and do an assessment of your choices relative to everything you listed in Step 1. 

Do you need more veggies in your life? More protein? More Whole Foods and less processed ones? Less booze? More carbs? Is your eating feeling stale, so you need to eat out to keep things interesting? (YES, this last one matters big time)

These are generalized questions, and they’re supposed to be. Obsessively focusing on the details is what led you here, and I’m guessing it hasn’t helped much!

Instead, take a look at the BIG PICTURE & focus on the things that actually👏🏻 matter👏🏻.

The 2 Things That Separate the Successful from Unsuccessful

Throughout my tenure as a coach, I've been able to clearly define the biggest differentiators between my clients who experience massive transformations and those don’t reach their full potential.⁣


Investing in oneself via coaching is a MASSIVE step in itself—one that many aren't courageous or bold enough to take.👏🏻

However, that's only the beginning of the work.

Making a change with something so integral to our lives like food requires gumption, commitment, self-awareness, and a whole slew of other commendable qualities.😍

Let's take a look at what separates the mega-successful from the average success story (which is still an amazing result that I'm committed to providing at a baseline).

This may very likely be true for you too, so now is a good time to take an honest inventory of where you fall!

⒈ Playing the long-game—if you’re still reaching for short-term results and are approaching your health, mindset, and/or weight with a sense of desperation, you won’t succeed in a meaningful way.⁣

I know you might be feeling uncomfortable—physically or mentally—but ACCEPTING the present is hugely important! Running from your situation NOW only leads to short-cuts. And that’s what got you here in the first place!⁣❌

Focus on one thing at a time, starting with your mindset & relationship with food. Get that locked down *tightly* first, and you can pursue your other goals later.

⒉ Willingness to be uncomfortable—change feels awkward for each & every one of us, at least to some degree. It’s part of our human nature!⁣

Being willing to act in spite of that discomfort is everything! Clinging to old patterns & rules might make you *feel* safe, but it’s only keeping you stuck.⁣😣

Making a change, especially one that involves something we interact with several times per day (FOOD!), requires a serious level of commitment. And to be frank, most people just aren't willing to put in the work required to see the change they want.

While these are simple, they aren’t always easy to implement. Another reason why the accountability & support of a coach is SO DAMN VALUABLE!

Don’t worry—I’ve got you:) The next round of Food Freedom Evolution (FFE), my 12-week transformational program that takes you from food obsessed to completely at ease with food starts in September!