⁣The solution isn’t looking at what your insta BFF is doing with her diet, exercise & life.⁣


And it’s not “eat XYZ, follow these macros, burn this many cals per day”.⁣

Those are all external, and you don’t want to rely on others telling you what & how to eat, right? RIGHT!🙌Follow these steps to accomplish this…⁣

  1. NOTICE those thought patterns that made you filled with self-doubt & mistrust of your body/self. (i.e. cultivate self-awareness).⁣

  2. DETACH from those thoughts & emotions. Become the conscious observer. If you can witness them, you’re not them, right?⁣

  3. UNCOVER where these thoughts & emotions came from. These often stem from limiting beliefs & we want to go there!⁣

  4. ⁣REWRITE those beliefs for yourself. Just as you decided to identify with those limiting beliefs, you can choose to identify with new ones.⁣

What does this look like in practice?⁣

Let’s say you struggle with trusting yourself around certain foods, and this leads to bingeing, all-or-nothing, or black & white interactions with said foods.⁣

✨NOTICE: “This is a ‘bad’ food, I screwed up, I knew I couldn’t just have one, now my whole day is ruined, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.” Sound familiar?⁣

⚡️ DETACH: “Huh, I tend to see those thoughts a lot! That’s some old programming coming up, but that’s not who I am. They’re just thoughts & emotions.”⁣

🌙 UNCOVER: “Where did those come from? A diet guru? My mom? Watching others as a child? Some rando telling me my eating habits are problematic? Did they start during a tough time in my life?” Keep asking & digging until you get to the ROOT.⁣

💫 REWRITE: “I’m choosing a new narrative for myself, like ‘My body is my BFF, all foods I enjoy have a place in my life, I’m the only one who decides how I eat, my mom gave me her own food baggage & I’m giving it back.”⁣

If you want to feel empowered & autonomous with food & your body, then stop looking outside of yourself for the answers!⁣

I’ll teach you how to do this so you don’t ever have to google your fave inspo’s diet program ever again🔥⁣