Can You Care About Your Aesthetics AND Have A Healthy Relationship With Food?

Ahhh, this question! It has led to quite the heated debates on the interwebs, and after much (years) of internal critical thinking, research, and unpacking of my own biases and past experiences, I believe the answer is YES!

This is 💯 perfectly acceptable AND possible!

It’s OK to want to look a certain way—we’re hardwired to care about this, and we’re expressing ourselves via our appearances ALL THE TIME!

However, before blindly following what everyone else is doing and tells you to do, consider…

✔️Digging into WHY you want to make these changes. Personal preference? Solely external influence? Shame or embarrassment? Performance?

✔️Do you accept yourself & your body fully NOW? If not, then making changes solely driven by appearance may not be the best move.

✔️Is your goal actually in alignment with your lifestyle, food & exercise preferences, and genetics? If not, then it’s likely not worth it.

✔️Do you have a solid, positive relationship with food & exercise, where they’re empowering and enjoyable? If not, nail that down first.

✔️Are you treating yourself with respect and compassion TODAY? If not, focus on that first.

✔️Whose opinions do you *actually* care about? The list should be REALLY fucking small, with yours at the top. And those people should care about how you treat yourself, not your appearance.

✔️ Are you fulfilled in other areas of your life, like relationships? If not, start there to ensure you're not using your body as a scapegoat.

A HUGE portion of what you’re targeting aesthetically will come naturally by treating yourself like you give a shit about yourself. 

From there, ask yourself if the rest is actually worth it to you!

This stuff is highly nuanced, so I highly recommend avoiding anyone who gives you a blanket, black & white response to this topic.

I always support my FFE ladies in whatever THEY want for themselves & their bodies, and I suggest you find a coach who does the same👏🏻