Are You Sure It's A Binge? Maybe You Just Overate Like Humans Do!

We love to label things and put them  in black and white categories, don’t we?!


This happens ALL THE TIME when it comes to describing a “binge”.

I’ve had several clients tell me they binged, only to realize after digging deeper that they simply ate a bigger portion size than they usually do!🙃

We all eat more than usual on occasion. This is NORMAL!

Not to mention, your “binge” could easily be someone’s “normal”. It’s all relative.

The goal of eating moderately isn’t to live with zen-like, puritanical eating standards without any deviations of your typical eats.

It’s OK to continue eating beyond the point of satisfaction at times!

I care far more about WHY you’re doing it.

  • Tired AF, sick, or hungover and trying to make yourself feel better? Completely understandable (and hormonally driven).

  • PMS’ing like a mofo? Makes sense!

  • The food is just soooo damn good? Yeah, we’re designed to like it!

Eating emotionally is also acceptable—there are FAR worse coping mechanisms you can employ!

The key is to be making the decision CONSCIOUSLY.

This tends to happen less & less frequently the more you master the moderate/intuitive eating game, but it’s still a part of life.

Don’t let your perfectionist tendencies make this out to be something bigger than it is!

  1. Acknowledge it

  2. Ask yourself how it did and didn’t serve you

  3. Consider what you can do differently next time (if anything)

  4. MOVE 👏🏻 ON 👏🏻

You didn’t binge.

You’re just a human!

Have you done this before?👇