One Tool That Will Make This Whole Eating Thing MUCH Easier

You want *some* structure, but not too much.

*Some* discipline, but only so much as to create FREEDOM, not restriction.✨


What is this, you say?!

It’s a method of doing a high-level assessment of your eats throughout the day and week. Emphasis on the word(s) HIGH-LEVEL.

To start…

  1. Make a list of the foods, habits & behaviors that make you feel your best physically & mentally.

Examples include: 

Eating veggies at 2-3 meals per day, eating more or less protein than carbs, eating more or less fruit, consuming fewer than 5-7 boozy drinks per week or 2-3 at a time.

Notice these are general, high-level, and NOT super specific. 

However, they are focused on things that *actually* matter—not bullshit minutae like…

…the number of hours you’ve fasted, the number of “superfoods” you’ve consumed, or whether the tablespoon of cream in your coffee is “too much”. Spoiler alert: it’s not😜

2. At the end of the day and/or throughout the week, pause and do an assessment of your choices relative to everything you listed in Step 1. 

Do you need more veggies in your life? More protein? More Whole Foods and less processed ones? Less booze? More carbs? Is your eating feeling stale, so you need to eat out to keep things interesting? (YES, this last one matters big time)

These are generalized questions, and they’re supposed to be. Obsessively focusing on the details is what led you here, and I’m guessing it hasn’t helped much!

Instead, take a look at the BIG PICTURE & focus on the things that actually👏🏻 matter👏🏻.