The 2 Things That Separate the Successful from Unsuccessful

Throughout my tenure as a coach, I've been able to clearly define the biggest differentiators between my clients who experience massive transformations and those don’t reach their full potential.⁣


Investing in oneself via coaching is a MASSIVE step in itself—one that many aren't courageous or bold enough to take.👏🏻

However, that's only the beginning of the work.

Making a change with something so integral to our lives like food requires gumption, commitment, self-awareness, and a whole slew of other commendable qualities.😍

Let's take a look at what separates the mega-successful from the average success story (which is still an amazing result that I'm committed to providing at a baseline).

This may very likely be true for you too, so now is a good time to take an honest inventory of where you fall!

⒈ Playing the long-game—if you’re still reaching for short-term results and are approaching your health, mindset, and/or weight with a sense of desperation, you won’t succeed in a meaningful way.⁣

I know you might be feeling uncomfortable—physically or mentally—but ACCEPTING the present is hugely important! Running from your situation NOW only leads to short-cuts. And that’s what got you here in the first place!⁣❌

Focus on one thing at a time, starting with your mindset & relationship with food. Get that locked down *tightly* first, and you can pursue your other goals later.

⒉ Willingness to be uncomfortable—change feels awkward for each & every one of us, at least to some degree. It’s part of our human nature!⁣

Being willing to act in spite of that discomfort is everything! Clinging to old patterns & rules might make you *feel* safe, but it’s only keeping you stuck.⁣😣

Making a change, especially one that involves something we interact with several times per day (FOOD!), requires a serious level of commitment. And to be frank, most people just aren't willing to put in the work required to see the change they want.

While these are simple, they aren’t always easy to implement. Another reason why the accountability & support of a coach is SO DAMN VALUABLE!

Don’t worry—I’ve got you:) The next round of Food Freedom Evolution (FFE), my 12-week transformational program that takes you from food obsessed to completely at ease with food starts in September!